Working at B. Creative

We are a team that believes in the power of story. Our commitment is to be, in the most present and proactive sense, creative. Creative at our studio is a result of doers and makers, a collaboration that takes roles across the organizational chart igniting strengths. We believe that roles passionate about execution, strategy and logistics will produce more effectively when paired with roles inspired by concepting, ideation and innovation. Combined, our team and studio is capable and committed to building effective, compelling stories across multiple brands. Our clients and team are moved by the stories we tell. Interested in collaborating? We’d love to hear from you.

Creative Lead

We’re hiring a talented, story-driven Creative Lead who can film and edit a wide range of stories at our studio, in both our brands: Voyage Pictures and Bradley Productions.

Seasonal Intern

We’re hiring an intern to be a junior cinematographer and an assembly editor working on a wide range of stories in both our brands: Voyage Pictures and Bradley Productions.

The Guild

We’re looking to collaborate with a few consistent freelance cinematographers on a large quantity of projects during our peak season.